When to Call an Employment Lawyer

Running a busy company can really take up a lot of your time. Managing employees is just one of the tasks that you will be responsible for. While you may have an HR department chances are some of the final hiring and firing decisions will land on your desk.

Let’s face it no one wants to fire their workers but eventually, that day will come. Getting prepared for it is a wise move that you should make. A great way to do that is by hiring an attorney to work with your team. Today we are going to learn more about employment lawyers and when you should give them a call.

When Your Unsure About The Termination

If you have to terminate someone but you are unsure if you are on solid legal ground you should contact an employment attorney. There can be serious legal and finical consequences for firing someone unjustly. You can be taken to court and sued for thousands of dollars if the judge finds that you are on the wrong side of the case.

An overwhelmed businessman.


So if you are not sure about any termination situation, give a law firm that specializes in employment a call. They will be able to give you great advice and keep you out of hot water. So when in doubt call a lawyer!

When You Are Changing Your Policies

Another reason that you would need an employment attorney is if you are going to be changing your companies policies. This could have a huge impact on your current workers.

You need to make 100% sure that your new policy does not violate anyone’s rights. A good employment law firm can take a look at your new plans and give you advise going forward. This will help prevent in minor or major hiccups and put you on solid legal ground.

When A Compliant Has Been Filed

If one of your employees has filed a complaint to your HR department you may need a lawyer. While many complaints can be handled in-house, there are some that need careful consideration. Claims of harassment or workplace violence are serious matters that need to be addressed by an attorney.


If however, you drop the ball on these issues you may be in for a serious legal battle. Instead of letting things get out of hand, make a call to an employment attorney and get his or her advice. You may even want to bring them into your company and have them investigate the complaint directly. This will keep you from getting into hot water and it will also help the person that has filed the complaint.

These are just a few of the situations that you may face in which you could benefit from calling an employment attorney. Remember that if you are unsure about termination or any changes in policy, contact a lawyer for legal advice. This will help keep you on solid legal ground and it will help keep those lawsuits from ruining your day.