What Makes A Good Blog Design?

It takes a few seconds for someone to determine whether they are going to leave or stay on a particular website. If you want your visitors to continue surfing through your pages and read your content, then you should design your site to leave a great first impression.

Your blog site needs to look appealing and be easy to navigate. And of course, have useful and creative content. If you consider these three things, then you’ll enjoy user traffic.

And you can even get visitors to sign up to your pages by providing their emails. Keep reading on this page to find out how to design your blog and improve user experience.

Design Tips from the Pros

Align your design to your goals


Bear in mind that design is only there to help you to bring your goals to reality. So, when choosing a design, start by having a visual image of your blog. What this means is that you include a headline or a series of headlines that end in a call to action. Make sure that you place that headline in a central position that can be seen by all visitors.

Keep it neat and simple

People appreciate simplicity other than complexity. In as much as you are trying to be unique, don’t overdo things that could instead ruin the design of your website.

Use a maximum of three fonts and also remember to choose the colors wisely. Have the primary color and a call to action one. And make sure they blend nicely. You can use to find a suitable color scheme.

Keep your blog’s grid small

A grid system will help you to keep your site clean and organized. This technique is widely used in print layouts, for example, newspapers and magazines.


In web-design, it helps individuals to provide a consistent experience for users because of the different screen sizes users view your content on. However, pages that have larger screens make it hard for users to read especially those who are reading from a large screen.

Simplify navigation

The mistake many bloggers make is they don’t direct a user on how to go seeing content from a specific date or tag. To correct this, ensure that navigation on your website feels intuitive to your visitor. Make sure to include, search box, menu, contact page, and about page.

Website design plays an important role in ensuring that visitors stay on your page. Users tend to scan blogging sites instead of reading them. Thus, the general impression they get from your website really matters a lot. Don’t overlook anything that appears on your page as it affects how they judge it.