Top 6 Technologies Providing the Most Transformative Value for Business

The business world is continually changing, mostly because of modern technologies being improved more and more every single year. Artificial intelligence, computer visions and language processing present some foundational tools for all businesses, from small to large. Whenever some of these cutting-edge technologies reach the business market, strategies are evolving together with it. Let’s take a look at the top six technologies that will provide profoundly transformative value for your business.

5G networks

Last year, the 5G network was presented to the world by telecommunication companies. The benefits are massive. Most importantly, it offers faster connectivity at lower latencies and also lower power consumption. In other words, it means that mobile connectivity is a lot faster than the majority of wired broadband. As a result, 5G networks will influence innovations in media, augmented reality, cloud services, the IoT (internet of things), etc. Opportunities for companies in many industries will be tremendous, as well as the value in different business areas.


Customer service is an essential area of, almost, every business. Transformation to digital has been happening for a long time already, especially in this area. Customers are already spending more and more time “talking” to chatbots. These bots are reducing the costs of customer care activities a lot and they became more sophisticated recently. You can implement them via mobile apps, websites, messaging or even voice. Their most vital feature is that they guarantee quick response times. Being fast and reliable is an essential combination nowadays, and chatbots offer both of these. 

Fast communication and connection


In the modern world, a reliable internet connection is required for having a better and faster human connection. Connecting with people worldwide and creating relationships is impossible without a secure connection. Not only that you can have associates and partners throughout the world, but you can also purchase necessary products and services for your business, especially in specific industries, such as gas and oil. Through the online marketplace, you will be able to order specific industry products such as motors, valves and a spiral or slick drill collar. The point is, connection and communication are both parts of the same side when it comes to modern business. 

Security measures


Business owners are paying much more attention to data security in recent years. People are more aware of how their data is being treated, and as a result, corporations are forced to take more responsibility about user data. Luckily, there are super useful security tools for both consumers and corporations. Being aware of security risks is crucial – new challenges require new technology solutions. However, those tech security measures could also be abused, so it is essential to fully understand how it works and how to protect yourself to the maximum.

3D printing

The whole process of 3D printing used to be expensive. It required a lot of investment, planning, and preparation. Nowadays, the situation is entirely different. This technology became more advanced, affordable and accessible for business owners. Regardless of the industry, engineers are creating modern 3D printers for various companies. Designers, for example, can develop specific sketches for their projects with all essential creative and functional details. With the help of 3D printing, it is much easier to make prototypes and test them. As a result, we will soon have companies which provide 3D printing services for their consumers.

Augmented and virtual reality

According to research firm Gartner, mixed reality which represents the combination of augmented and virtual reality will soon be used by 20 percent of large businesses. Also, the new integration between augmented reality, mobile phones and retail will result in massive benefits. Many companies will have the ability to showcase their products in a much better way. Images of these products will be super rendered with realistic effects, especially when it comes to lighting. But that’s not all; many other industries will experience the benefits of augmented reality. Banks, for instance, will be able to direct customers to crucial service areas and at the same time, show the names and specific areas of their staff. 

Even when you are not familiar with some technology business trends, it would be wise to learn about them as much as you can. That is the only way to understand which modern solutions fit your business needs the best.