Top 10 Best Sites for Free Lightroom Presets

Top 10 Best Sites for Free Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are a number of micro adjustments that one can record hence save it for future purpose. Lightrooms are great because they can always be recalled to be applied on the images by one click. By doing this, you will be in a position to save a lot of time for yourself. The good news is that the lightrooms can be easily found and used.

Well, it is clear that you might be searching for some of the top 10 best sites for free Lightroom presets so that you are able to process images quickly and spend most of your time behind the camera rather than on the screen. Fortunately, we got your back, below are some of them, and I believe they will help you.

Graphic Alerts

This website has many hats; however a location for Lightroom presets is also set aside. And this pack is very interesting; this is because it has a variety of artistic effects like the 300 look.



This also has another extra pack, and this pack involves Photoshop tools. It is usually a good starting point for those who are just beginning their photography career. In addition, it offers different presets that you can use to lighten up your photos.

Trey’s Lightroom Presets

This is also another of the free pack; it has a few presets; however, they are very stunning. It has several sample pack that a photographer can professionally use.

Be art presets

This is another that is strictly professional. It has free presets that are bundled into a large bundle and proudly displayed at the bottom of the sites storage page. The site has different and variety of utilities, so it is worth giving it a try.

Shutter pulse

This site has free presets that look unusual in their variety. In addition, they provide you with the tools which you can use to download to help you in Photoshop. This should not be ignored as well.


Geared towards professionalism, this site has free presets that normally assume the form of themed demo parks and the free trials.


The quality of these presets is very professional that you will find the firms like Sleeklens use it. Therefore it is worth giving it a try, even if it was not free. And you should also know that the presets in this site were created by the popular preset artists.

Free presets

This site will not only offer you free presets, but it will also offer you the free Photoshop tools as well as the Photomatix preset. It has a number of varieties which are almost 100 items. It involves a lot of selections as well as options for discerning.

Preset Galore

It has a number of free preset selection sets. And it also has a number of blogs which can guide you in creating our own preset.

Preset love

This site offers several free presets that are found from different creators. It has one hundred presets with each one of them being free.

Presets Heaven

It has a total of three hundred, and sixty-five free presets. If you would want to explore different options, then this is the one to try.