SEO In 2019 What To Expect?

In the year 2018, we experienced a lot of changes with the SEOs. And with one week remaining we turn to 2019, there is a lot of changes you should expect in this field. And as a website owner, you need to stay informed about all the changes and expected trends with SEO coming years. Am sure you’re asking what these changes are and how to go about preparing for them.

If so, don’t worry anymore as this is what we look at in this article. We discuss a list of top five expected SEO changes and trends in 2019, and what you should look out to adopt. These include;

1. Mobile Dominance

Just as it has been with 2018, we expect mobile to take dominance in optimizing for SEO. Therefore, you need to stay mobile-ready. Mobile-first indexing as a search engine uses the mobile version of a website for the ranking. It means that, with 2019, consider converting your site into a mobile-friendly website.


By doing this, you will have it more user-friendly and responsive to the views and the search engine as well. However, remember to keep track of the site’s navigation speed, page layout and see if it offers enhanced user experience for better ranking.

2. Change in Keyword Research

For all starters, it’s good to note that Artificial Intelligence, AI, will be a possible way search engines will use to rank your website. The purpose is to verify that the blog content you do post is of the required quality and at the same time informative. As a result, some SEO specialist example of Brand That Name has to be knowledgeable with machine automation and learning.

SERPs will get personalized and will take into account users’ hobbies, search history and gender. On the other hand, the VR and AR will be less useful with the SEOs.

3. SEO will enhance on User Experience

In comparison to 2018 and past years, the user experience will get more emphasis in the New Year. The main idea is to identify how much the user gets satisfied when entering the website. Therefore, for better ranking of the websites, the user experience will play a vital role.


The Digital marketing experts recommend site owners to improve on website’s loading time, content, and enhance on an easy to navigate page layout. By doing this, it’ll keep the visitors from clicking back and head for a competitor website.

4. Increase in Voice Search Popularity

It’s true that we expect an increase in popularity for voice search services as 2019 kicks. We hope for more improvement in technology and return many people will be using Alexa and Siri for commands and searches.

As a result, we recommend that you focus more on voice search before the New Year starts. For better voice search optimization, pay attention to your local search internet, and the use of FAQ pages.

5. Improve on Content Writing

In 2019, SEO ranking will pay much concentration on the quality of content website owners post. We recommend that you focus on improving quality and Keyword placement in your blogs. Search engines such as Google, only focus on serving its users only with the best content. We can, therefore, agree that the high the quality of the material, the better ranking you get come 2019.


In conclusion, knowing the SEO expected trends in 2019 and paying attention to them keeps you a step ahead of your competitors. The above discussed foreseeable changes and trends are our priorities. Consider paying attention to them for a chance to get your website a better ranking.