Is It Expensive To Have A Horse

It is in everyone’s dream to own a horse. Horses are amazing and wonderful mammals that have their historical backgrounds as far as the traditional kingdoms are concerned. They were used as a symbol of desire, power, travel etc.


This has made the domestic animal among those held with a lot of respect and pride, making them a very expensive animal to own. Therefore, to buy a horse today, you need a budget of around $2500-$3600.This does not sound that expensive for such a creature; however, the actual expense comes with owning and catering for the needs of the horse.

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After purchasing a horse, there are two sets of expense you have to incur;

· Stabling costs.

· Any additional costs related to the use of the horse.

Stabling costs.

To own a horse, you should be in a position to handle various stabling costs such as deworming every three months, which will amount to around $70 every year. You will also need to hire a farrier to check and trim the hooves of the horse every six weeks. The farrier will charge approximately $35 per trim. You will also require a dentist every year to check your horse for around $125 annually.


Additionally, your horse will need mineral supplements for six months at an average price of $30 and 1 and ½ bale of hay daily for around $30.Finally, the horse will need tetanus, equine influenza, rabies vaccines, among others for approximately $95.

However, you must note that all these costs may increase according to any special treatments you may choose for your horse.

Any additional costs related to the use of the horse.

When purchasing your horse, you definitely have its role. This will relatively increase the overall cost of owning the horse, some of the costs are;

· Competing costs.

· Increased veterinarian bills.

· Medical treatment bills in case of injuries or illness.

· Breeding needs etc.

With the above, you can already tell that owning a horse can be much expensive. Therefore, when planning to invest in a horse for whatever purpose, make sure you can table all the bills related to the horse!