How To Increase Amazon Product Visibility

When you invest a significant portion of your time in setting up the Amazon account and get it all up and running, you don’t want bad amazon product photography to take the attention away. Even as a consumer, we all know the impact an image can create. And sales will not work out until you have optimized your images on Amazon.

Here are the five useful references to optimize your Amazon Product image.

1. The Keywords Theory

You must perform Keyword Research and enter backend keywords. What are the buyer keywords that are relevant to your product? For Amazon’s search engine to index your product, these keywords must be searchable in your listings’ sections. This will help you promote your online business.

The optimization is a game-changer. Amazon keyword ranking works like magic, and you will see the results within hours. With every increase in your rank, your product visibility will also enhance. As your rank increases, product visibility is boosted.

2. Know the Amazon Product rules

Amazon has laid out its product image requirements. Firstly, your image must be a professional photograph or cover art. Amazon does not allow drawings or illustrations of the product. And then, your image must be in focus and professionally lit. In other words, no casual “mood shots” with a model in focus instead of the product are allowed.

The colors should be realistic with smooth edges.The products should occupy 85 percent of the frame. And backgrounds should be pure white (RGB 255,255,255).

Products on white photography essentially work better. Break your image into a main image and secondary. The main image will display in your search results, so make sure this is impactful, especially in the case of beauty product photography.

3. How to use the images right

If you follow certain parameters to optimize pictures, the conversions will grow multiple folds.
Size them right- The images should be 1000 x 500 px at the minimum.

Professional shots- Invest in high-quality images. People will zoom into the product image. Make sure the picture is not breaking. Follow the guidelines by Amazon; otherwise, your image will be removed by Amazon. Lifestyle images stand out. Make use of infographics wherever necessary. Taking care of these points will enhance your images and their impact on your audience.

4. Optimize product title on the image

The title should have the brand in its title and target the main keyword in your title’s beginning. Another thing to remember is that the main keyword is not the only word that people are looking for, look for synonyms or word variations that work.

A quick search in the Amazon search engine will give you some suggestions. And most importantly, do not repeat keywords.Do not spam your images with irrelevant keywords.

5. Use the Right Angles

Ever saw how images of sunglasses are used? They give you all the perspectives and angles of the product. Your images should be clicked from all the right angles to give a clear picture of the product. The customer should be able to make a quick choice by just looking at all the different sides of the product.