How Do I Close Running Apps

Closing running apps on your laptop or Android is effortless. However, this is something that may be challenging for most of us. And this does not mean that they cannot be helped with this.

The article below is mainly written for that purpose; to hell those who don’t know how to go about this learn how to do it properly.

If you are using an android, what you should initially locate is the overview button. For those who don’t know how it looks like, you should look at something that looks like a square on the right bottom of your screen. However, for some androids, this icon may be a physical button. Please click here for more info


By the tap of the overview button, you will be able to see a list of all the running apps hence choosing the ones you feel like closing will be more comfortable. After scrolling through the apps and selecting the ones you want to close, you can then decide to drag the app of your screen.

You should swipe the app to the left or right. Once you are done with the swiping, the app will automatically disappear from your screen, and ones this happens, you should know that you have completely closed it.

Running shoes - closeup of woman tying shoe laces. Female sport

If you don’t like the ideas of swiping, you can also choose to press the X icon on the top corner of the app. Even though this will help in closing the app, it will not settle any running programs associated with the said app.

You can map choose to go the long way of going to the settings and scrolling down to the app you wish to close, then press force stop or stop. And when prompted, you should press okay. With this procedure, the app will be closed, along with all the running background processes.