Creative Ways to Use Photography in Website Design

Are you looking for different and creative ways to attract clients to your website? Well, having an image on your website can make a difference to your business or personal website. Therefore, the main question is, how do you can you include photography into your website design?

In this article, we discuss some of the inspirational web designs on how to find and use creative photography on your website.

1. HD photography

For any picture to be effective on your website, it has to be in high definition. You will always have only one shot to make that good impression and it all starts from here.


Always ensure you use top-notch quality photos. The quality of the photo will give your website the professional reflection, thus using a blurry image will make your visitors question the quality of the services that you offer.

2. Color Overlays

This trend is becoming famous. It completely alter how a photograph looks like. Moreover, they are completed by adding some semi-transparent color boxes on top of the image. The color overlay technique is used to achieve the goal such as get the right brand colors or for emotional response.

Nonetheless, you need to be very careful while using color overlay. You should always ensure the chosen color contrasts with the text and is possible with the CTAS on the page.

3. Black and white

Most people in photography in website design assume that bold colors are eye-catching, but the truth is it might be distractive instead of making things work out. However, it is worthy to note that having no color or black and white design equally can create a powerful effect. Mostly, in web design, it is all about making your brand stand out.


A black or white picture can be manipulated in different ways-for less or more contrast to get that outstanding and appealing photo that will make your brand unique. In fact, more designers are embracing the use of monochrome photography in their web design and if you are looking for the best sharper contrast, this is the best way to have it done.

4. Hero Images

High Definition or full-length images are one of the most prominent trends in web design. Most people use Hero images to create an immersive experience for users. Besides, it is perhaps the fastest ways to grab attention and make users linger on your website.

5. Creative Photo Manipulation

Personalizing stock pictures is not an unusual practice, otherwise, it is encouraged to practice. Editing your images to achieve a perfect design is wholly exciting dimension. You can create fascinating photos using free tools like Crello and it will give you a good photo that you can simply use on your website and give it that perfect blend that you deserve.

6. Minimalism

If you are designing a website and you are in doubt of the type of photography you should use on your website, always resort to minimalism. It is a trend that will not go out of trend easily. You can always get photos that have a minimalist composition and simple that can give your landing pages the impact that you need.