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Benefits of Using Mobile Car Wash Services

As of 2017, mobile devices (smartphones, phablets and tablets), became the number one tools that people use to order services or products offline and online. The mobile car wash service industry is also growing tremendously as more car owners choose to request for cleaning services through their mobile devices. Unlike desktops and laptops, mobile devices make it easier for you to get professional help regardless of your location. Explained below are the benefits of using them to order car wash services.

1. Fast Response Rates

Mobile applications are 1.5 times faster than websites than run on mobile devices. Their design allows them to store your personal data on your phone and retrieve it quickly when you need it. The apps also run on frameworks such as Android or iOS that makes them over five times faster than websites.

2. Instant Offline and Online Access

mobile car wash app can offer you seamless user experiences since it can work offline and online. You can check information such as your booking history and the transactions made when offline. The mobile app also allows you to update your personal details instantly when your device has an Internet connection.

3. Highly Tailored Content

You will find car wash apps useful if you enjoy getting highly tailored content on your mobile device. The car wash service provider will suggest professional detailers to you based on your needs. The provider will also use the app to serve you based on your location and budget.

4. Instant Updates and Push Notifications

Car wash service providers understand that time is a crucial factor to them and their clients.


When you order a cleaning service via their app, they will send you instant updates regarding your request. Push notifications will also appear on your phone to alert you of the progress of your request.

5. Mobile Apps Use the Device Features

A car wash smartphone app can use device features such as GPS to connect maps or the camera to take pictures. The mobile application can also allow you to use your camera to update your profile picture or scan QR and Bar codes. It can make use of the built-in NFC feature when you are making payments.

6. Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement

Car cleaning companies have mobile apps that allow them to expand their audience reach and reduce their marketing costs. As a client, you also get to save time and resources needed to schedule a car cleaning service.

Automated Washing

It will take you less than two hours to have your vehicle cleaned. Most of the apps usually offer discounts to clients who recommend the service to their friends.

Summing Up

To get the most out of a car wash app, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the provider. Take time to assess its features and gauge them against your expectations. Consider reading the online reviews of the app before installing it to know what other people are saying about its features. Install a mobile application that is from a verified source to avoid infecting your mobile device with malware.