5 Hotel Management Tips For New Hospitality Managers

A hospitality manager is needed in making the running of any hotel a success. The guests, employees and the top management depend on the hospitality manager to ensure there’s the smooth learning of the hotel. Your management skills need to be top notch and exemplary for you to impress every stakeholder.

Below is a compiled list of the hotel management tips you could use a new hospitality manager.

Find a mentor

Mentors are a great resource to any successful individual. There are a lot of mentors in the hospitality industry and it would be a wise move to seek advice and learn more from the already successful individuals. If you have no idea where to get a mentor, then go through a list of your professional network and choose the most ideal manager.


Request them to join you for a lunch date and use that time well. Ask deep questions and per attention to what they say. Most of these hotel managers have good hearts and are more than willing to share some secrets in hospitality management.

Be selective in your hiring

Be very choosy and use the proper channel and criteria of having an addition to your team. Let their experience, knowledge, and abilities speak for them. Hiring the wrong person means that you are only adding an enemy of progress in your team.

Working with the wrong people only piles up frustrations and derails progress in any working set up. Good employees, on the other hand, are force multipliers.

The growth and success of any business are dependent on the team that surrounds you. You have to go for people with the right character, drive, and motive. Instead of recruiting new staff now and then find the right professional team to help you gain the rates everybody admires.

Focus on leadership, not management.

The title implies that you are in the managerial role and it should not mean that all you do is managing. Be a leader and show the members of your team the right path to follow. A leader is supposed to be proactive and influential, work hand in hand with your team and you will achieve the high levels of success. As a way of avoiding being obsolete, try and incorporate modern technology and provide training to your team. Moving with technology ensure longevity in the industry.

Communicate regularly.

Communication is the key to any successful management post in the hospitality industry. For you to have a team that shares the same goals and ideas you have to communicate and share with them your ambitions. Try to mend any broken bridges and relationship and have everybody on the same page.


Remember when a member of your team is on the wrong it’s you who looks bad in front of the top management and customers. Regularly hold meetings with your team and try to solve any issues. Use effective communication channels to pass your information, if possible have a channel that communicates directly to your team.

Keep learning.

Any leader who aims to be successful should always be open-minded.
Take your time to listen more and accept challenges. Take your time and learn what your competitors are doing better than you and work on your weaknesses. Read journals and books on the hotel industry and management you will learn of important things that you could implement to help grow your hotel.