5 Brand Naming Strategies for Growth Acceleration

A brand name is an integral part of success in any business; however, one of the hurdles faced by marketers is choosing a brand name. Naming is vital in the entire brand strategy for it’s the initial contact point that clients have with your brand. Furthermore, a well-chosen brand name reinforces the brand’s positioning in the customer’s mind.

Deciding on a brand name that suits your business is simple. Below are strategies for coming up with an excellent brand name;

1. Creativity

While deciding on a brand name, it’s vital to play with ideas. Be artistic as well as think outside the box. Start by brainstorming all the plans you have in mind and note them down. However, you need to have some goals in mind, for instance, what you want clients to think of when your brand name is mentioned.

Businessman Touching a Chart Indicating Growth

Creativity is an essential brand naming strategy, come up with various names, if your choice doesn’t succeed, you can always fall back on the rest. Have a look at the list of names you came up with and be sure to select the one you feel is more relevant to your business. Nevertheless, sticking to one and awaiting results would be a good idea.

2. Be innovative

Be innovative and don’t shy away from experimenting with different ideas. Some of the wildest ideas can bring about the best results. Scrutinize and share your thoughts with other people and ask for feedback about the name.

Remember to work on each idea suggested by others and make necessary adjustments if you have to.

3. Cross your limits

Don’t be scared to go past the edge when deciding on a name for your brand. You don’t have to pick the common famous names; creativity is what will set your brand apart from the rest. The decision of choosing a brand name starts with you.

4. Use a generator tool

Several devices can help you to come up with a captivating brand name. Generator tools operate by tearing the keywords of your business into syllables. They later knit them together in a creative way to come up with innovative terms appropriate and suitable to your needs.


These tools can guide your task mainly if you are one of those individuals that are not easy to please. Brand name generator tools are easy to find, practical and user-friendly. Besides, they can be used by all sorts of businesses, whether new or established firms.

5. Use keywords

The use of key phrases within the company’s brand appeals to a vast group of clients. Remember to use variety in the brand design since various customers love that. Some brands can be created to look the same as others; however, people look out for unique and exciting things.

For any business, building a brand name can be the variation between success and struggle. Therefore, choosing an unusual name can mean potential success for a brand by making marketing of your goods easier.